Freitag, 7. Oktober 2011


and "yes, there IS music on it! 33 plus 2 artist proofs (for the installation) have been made. 3 are reserved for buyers of the whole installation, 1 will be in a little quiz coming after they have all been sold. The vinylpostcard is part of my work "lencapes #02", a media-theoretical work about photography and photofilm (but more information on my website to keep it short) consisting of:

1x photofilm (lenscapes #02), 2650 x 1920px, Ed 3+2Ap
1x framed photograph (room #206), 53 x 65cm , Ed 3+2Ap
1x portable turntable (part of the installation as such)
1x vinyl postcard (lenscapes #02 by sirlensalot), Ed 33+2Ap

more information about the project and the photofilm with the soundtrack (also on the postcard) to be found on the beta version of the project's future website.


has finally premiered and I just couldn't wait to share at least the photofilm with the soundtrack that is part of an installation constisting of:

1x photofilm (lenscapes #02), 2650 x 1920px, Edition 3+2Ap
1x framed photograph (room #206), 53 x 65cm , Edition 3+2Ap
1x portable turntable (part of the installation as such)
1x vinyl postcard (by sirlensalot), Edition 33+2Ap

more information about the project and how to get a copy of the VINYLpostcards remaining to be announced soon.

Photography, Direction, Editing, ... by M. Oberndorfer
Sound by Sirlensalot aka M.Oberndorfer
© Markus Oberndorfer
Original version: 2560x1920px

In this film i am entering the place/space i lived at for several days through the process of printing in the photographic darkroom. A "film" putting itself together from photos i shot in the darkroom while printing and photos i shot on june 24th on site (fragments of the time when i was in malta at kölnbreinsperre).

I am entering my memory and screening a movie "of how i remember that day" in front of my inner eye. a movie doomed to fade away at some point like any memorization of something in the past we suddenly think about - making place again for the moment we are experiencing in the present or "just another memorization".

A movie representing an - after lydia nsiah - virtually, yet moving picture also misleadingly know as "still image" or "photo".

Big thank you to Verbund for giving me some time to think with its artist in residence program and to Lydia Nsiah and Steffen Kammler for their stimulating and inspiring books/papers.


This project of my homie DDay One's early-works was originally circulated as a cassette, limited to 20 copies. Recently, it was restored using modern audio restoration and preservation techniques.
This process involved digitizing material from 4-track, 3.5” floppy disc and one of the surviving tapes.

For PRE-ORDER from now on via content label website. Enjoy. Nice and raw! but nothing else to expect from the DDay One, mr. samplist himself. More information in HERE.

Samstag, 1. Oktober 2011


one of those artists you never get disappointed by. Doctor Becket from Las Vegas. Two tracks from his "Way Of Life" album from 2005 ... you might know this tracks from "home again ..." mixtape. Enjoy

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