Dienstag, 20. September 2011


Since years one of my most favourite Hip Hop records. Listen to the lyrics, starting from the first sentence in the track posted and realize that this lyrical artform can be about a lot more than just about "the money and the bitches". Elevate your mind!

Blame One - Lyrics Geometric (1995, prod. by Kankick)

"By many its overlooked, to me its underrated,
valuable content, artistic ..."

Blame One: "This download will be really dope to some, outdated and/or even wack to others [...] I originally only pressed 500 copies of this on vinyl. It was my first vinyl as a solo artist (my group mysterys extinction was featured on vinyl before this). I to this day only have one copy so its very limited. Two songs ended up on “chemically imballanced” but they were heard here first. I didnt add any restoration or effects to clean it up, I kept it exactly as is. Ive always wanted to tell a bit of history behind songs and since this is free… I figured… why not"

Samstag, 17. September 2011


part seven of my indefinite series of documentary shortfilms reflecting the uran and suburban space, it's architecture, funcition and mystic. A snapshot of an urban intervention and the re-dedication of space ... feedback very much welcome and feel free to share.

Starring: Innercity Griot/Kryot //
Sound by Kegsone //
Original version: 2560x1920px
© Markus Oberndorfer, Vienna 2010

Mittwoch, 14. September 2011


I'm proud to annouce the opening of "VOR ORT" exhibition (03/10/2011) that will feature several works I have created during my artist residency at Maltatal/ Kölnbreinsperre.

I'm really looking very much forward to this as it seems like I have managed to bring a lot of media that have been accompanying me over the last years (analog & digital photography, photofilm, music, vinyl, ...) together in one work that will be shown together with others, I'm also looking forward to ...

The exhibition will travel Austria over the next months, Vienna (Vertical Gallery, VERBUND headquarter will be the last stop as far as I know for those that don't make it to Kärnten this time.) - watch out for a very limited (33 pieces) vinyl-postcard release - to be announced soon.

Sonntag, 11. September 2011


After nearly four years still one of the nicest longboard videos I have ever seen Prepare for some downhill madness and do yourself a favor and check the links. Very nice works by a bunch of creative people.

Starring: Noah Sakamoto, Patrick Rizzo, JM Duran
Director: Colin Blackshear
Co-Director: Ari Marcopoulos
Producer: Neville Wakefield
Designer: Adam Kimmel

Dienstag, 6. September 2011


A little update on one of my most favourite Producers and MCs called "Doctor Becket" teaming up with Illustrator, Caricaturist, and Producer "Grant P" for this very nice 7 inch that was just (7/2011) recently released. "The Other Way" mainly includes remixes and interludes and still each track somehow sounds new to me again. Different flows over different instrumentals creating different atmospheres. Doctor Becket already showed that to me once with "Everybody" and "Everybody (Remix)" - slightly modified lyrics over two beats that could actually not be more different, but each a classic of its own!

Don't know if you'll feel that way or "the other way" but for me there's nothing more to say, than one thing. You should be quick and safe your copy; as far as I know around 110 of them has been pressed ... not too much. Check THIS SITE (grant p) to order your copy directly from him and THAT SITE (doc bec bandcamp) to download digitally or listen through. Psssssst, seems like another one will be following soon - stay tuned and down for some more underground none should actually be missing. Check some of Grant P's really nice "relaxed" Hip Hop instrumentals on this youtube channel (LINK to just one of my favs), you will be stunned!

Samstag, 3. September 2011


This is a message to all you crate diggers and music lovers. For a long time I wanted to put the tracklisting to one of the most signifyin tapes in my personal history - "Signifyin Breaks" by Dj Signify - together and I made it a long way, but now I'm kind of "stuck" or so to say: Some names are on the tip of my tongue but I just cant put it onto paper.

The tape - rotaug's very own berserka bought at Fat Beats NY (* 1994, † 2010) way back in '97 - never had a tracklisting on the cover and for whatever reason I made myself this challenge to put it all together. In a way this tape was a new experience back then; going back to the samples, the breaks, to where Hip Hop (among other things) comes from. Signifyin' breaks "anyone" should know as I would say. Still a hard job to name them all my friends. But; here's what I have and the "three ???" are what we're trying to find. I put a recording of the (quite worn) tape (.zip) online, so you know what we're looking for. To have an authentic listening experience (that matches the quality of the tape that was played a 1000 times in Craak's Oldsmobile, haha) you might have to put it on a cassette again, haha.

I put my part of the tracklisting in the comments, ... dont hesitate adding a number or two or ... I'm sure I missed something inbetween.

Dj Signify - Signifyin Breaks (Mixtape 1996, discogs).