Dienstag, 29. November 2011


I was really very much looking forward for that to happen
and finally "its ooooon!" So take your chance an WIN THE LAST seperately available copy of the vinylpostcard (ltd 33+2 pieces) by ONLY posting a comment to the blogpost on the

The WINNER will be announced December 5th! The lottery will go on until December 4th, 11:55, CET. From here its your decision if you want to give 2 minutes of your precious time to read the blog and post a comment. Enjoy and good luck!

Find out more about that mixed media installation on the project's website. The vinylpostcard is part of that installation (ldt 3+2). Also check dj food's nice post about my postcard and the Stepkids one on Stones Throw. Comments regarding the lottery are ONLY considered via the splitpersonality blog, but stillL: feel free to drop your thoughts here too. Always enjoying feedback. Thx!

Mittwoch, 16. November 2011


I'm proud to share (soon on my website) a little bit of the outcome of "Österreichische Galerie Belvedere" assigning me with the architectural photography of Karl Schwanzer's newly adaped and extensively renovated "21er Haus" (usually built as the Austrian Pavillion for Expo'58 in Brussels).

Some of the photos have been and will be used in and for billboards, press, folders, ... some of them got a 12 pages feature in the book published on the occasion of the re-opening of the "museum of the 21st century"; a really impressive piece of art.

Thank you "Belvedere" for resurrecting this diamond in Austrian architecture and for giving me this opportunity. Really happy about that project and about what Christof Nardin who is responsible for the communication design made out of it all. Props! Love it!

BOOK: "21er Haus - Back to the Future - A Retroperspective Look at a Museum" - ISBN 978-3-86895-202-5

Dienstag, 1. November 2011


I'm proud to announce, that "Strictly Kev alias DjFood/Ninja Tune" wrote "a little something" about my "lenscapes #02" vinylpostcard project and the one Stepkids just recently released as a bonus to their album on "Stones Throw". He was quick enough to grab THE LAST remaining vinyl postcard that was for sale and I'm really glad he did. Now head over to djfood.org or find information about the project on the beta of the future "lenscapes_02" project subsite.

BIG THANK YOU everyone for your support and of course to Strictly Kev for taking the message further than his "P.O.Box"!!! Glad that "carrier-pigeon" found its way to London. And I'm working on the next one for all that missed out.

One more chance: the last remaining one (not counting my personal copies and those that belong to the installation) will be in a little quiz on splitpersonality.at soon... stay tuned!