Samstag, 10. Dezember 2011


Earlier this year a "German Creative Agency" - resp. Two incredibly nice guys assigned to it (Musician/Peter Sabak and Visual artist/Gabor Marci) - came over to my place and did an interview about my work (photography, photofilm, ...), Vienna,... I think it turned out to be quite authentic so I decided to upload what I had to say. Although you know: Still strange to hear yourself speak; always. Be gentil and enjoy. Support artists ...

Dienstag, 29. November 2011


I was really very much looking forward for that to happen
and finally "its ooooon!" So take your chance an WIN THE LAST seperately available copy of the vinylpostcard (ltd 33+2 pieces) by ONLY posting a comment to the blogpost on the

The WINNER will be announced December 5th! The lottery will go on until December 4th, 11:55, CET. From here its your decision if you want to give 2 minutes of your precious time to read the blog and post a comment. Enjoy and good luck!

Find out more about that mixed media installation on the project's website. The vinylpostcard is part of that installation (ldt 3+2). Also check dj food's nice post about my postcard and the Stepkids one on Stones Throw. Comments regarding the lottery are ONLY considered via the splitpersonality blog, but stillL: feel free to drop your thoughts here too. Always enjoying feedback. Thx!

Mittwoch, 16. November 2011


I'm proud to share (soon on my website) a little bit of the outcome of "Österreichische Galerie Belvedere" assigning me with the architectural photography of Karl Schwanzer's newly adaped and extensively renovated "21er Haus" (usually built as the Austrian Pavillion for Expo'58 in Brussels).

Some of the photos have been and will be used in and for billboards, press, folders, ... some of them got a 12 pages feature in the book published on the occasion of the re-opening of the "museum of the 21st century"; a really impressive piece of art.

Thank you "Belvedere" for resurrecting this diamond in Austrian architecture and for giving me this opportunity. Really happy about that project and about what Christof Nardin who is responsible for the communication design made out of it all. Props! Love it!

BOOK: "21er Haus - Back to the Future - A Retroperspective Look at a Museum" - ISBN 978-3-86895-202-5

Dienstag, 1. November 2011


I'm proud to announce, that "Strictly Kev alias DjFood/Ninja Tune" wrote "a little something" about my "lenscapes #02" vinylpostcard project and the one Stepkids just recently released as a bonus to their album on "Stones Throw". He was quick enough to grab THE LAST remaining vinyl postcard that was for sale and I'm really glad he did. Now head over to or find information about the project on the beta of the future "lenscapes_02" project subsite.

BIG THANK YOU everyone for your support and of course to Strictly Kev for taking the message further than his "P.O.Box"!!! Glad that "carrier-pigeon" found its way to London. And I'm working on the next one for all that missed out.

One more chance: the last remaining one (not counting my personal copies and those that belong to the installation) will be in a little quiz on soon... stay tuned!

Freitag, 7. Oktober 2011


and "yes, there IS music on it! 33 plus 2 artist proofs (for the installation) have been made. 3 are reserved for buyers of the whole installation, 1 will be in a little quiz coming after they have all been sold. The vinylpostcard is part of my work "lencapes #02", a media-theoretical work about photography and photofilm (but more information on my website to keep it short) consisting of:

1x photofilm (lenscapes #02), 2650 x 1920px, Ed 3+2Ap
1x framed photograph (room #206), 53 x 65cm , Ed 3+2Ap
1x portable turntable (part of the installation as such)
1x vinyl postcard (lenscapes #02 by sirlensalot), Ed 33+2Ap

more information about the project and the photofilm with the soundtrack (also on the postcard) to be found on the beta version of the project's future website.


has finally premiered and I just couldn't wait to share at least the photofilm with the soundtrack that is part of an installation constisting of:

1x photofilm (lenscapes #02), 2650 x 1920px, Edition 3+2Ap
1x framed photograph (room #206), 53 x 65cm , Edition 3+2Ap
1x portable turntable (part of the installation as such)
1x vinyl postcard (by sirlensalot), Edition 33+2Ap

more information about the project and how to get a copy of the VINYLpostcards remaining to be announced soon.

Photography, Direction, Editing, ... by M. Oberndorfer
Sound by Sirlensalot aka M.Oberndorfer
© Markus Oberndorfer
Original version: 2560x1920px

In this film i am entering the place/space i lived at for several days through the process of printing in the photographic darkroom. A "film" putting itself together from photos i shot in the darkroom while printing and photos i shot on june 24th on site (fragments of the time when i was in malta at kölnbreinsperre).

I am entering my memory and screening a movie "of how i remember that day" in front of my inner eye. a movie doomed to fade away at some point like any memorization of something in the past we suddenly think about - making place again for the moment we are experiencing in the present or "just another memorization".

A movie representing an - after lydia nsiah - virtually, yet moving picture also misleadingly know as "still image" or "photo".

Big thank you to Verbund for giving me some time to think with its artist in residence program and to Lydia Nsiah and Steffen Kammler for their stimulating and inspiring books/papers.


This project of my homie DDay One's early-works was originally circulated as a cassette, limited to 20 copies. Recently, it was restored using modern audio restoration and preservation techniques.
This process involved digitizing material from 4-track, 3.5” floppy disc and one of the surviving tapes.

For PRE-ORDER from now on via content label website. Enjoy. Nice and raw! but nothing else to expect from the DDay One, mr. samplist himself. More information in HERE.

Samstag, 1. Oktober 2011


one of those artists you never get disappointed by. Doctor Becket from Las Vegas. Two tracks from his "Way Of Life" album from 2005 ... you might know this tracks from "home again ..." mixtape. Enjoy

related blogpost: "Doc Bec - The Other Way"

Dienstag, 20. September 2011


Since years one of my most favourite Hip Hop records. Listen to the lyrics, starting from the first sentence in the track posted and realize that this lyrical artform can be about a lot more than just about "the money and the bitches". Elevate your mind!

Blame One - Lyrics Geometric (1995, prod. by Kankick)

"By many its overlooked, to me its underrated,
valuable content, artistic ..."

Blame One: "This download will be really dope to some, outdated and/or even wack to others [...] I originally only pressed 500 copies of this on vinyl. It was my first vinyl as a solo artist (my group mysterys extinction was featured on vinyl before this). I to this day only have one copy so its very limited. Two songs ended up on “chemically imballanced” but they were heard here first. I didnt add any restoration or effects to clean it up, I kept it exactly as is. Ive always wanted to tell a bit of history behind songs and since this is free… I figured… why not"

Samstag, 17. September 2011


part seven of my indefinite series of documentary shortfilms reflecting the uran and suburban space, it's architecture, funcition and mystic. A snapshot of an urban intervention and the re-dedication of space ... feedback very much welcome and feel free to share.

Starring: Innercity Griot/Kryot //
Sound by Kegsone //
Original version: 2560x1920px
© Markus Oberndorfer, Vienna 2010

Mittwoch, 14. September 2011


I'm proud to annouce the opening of "VOR ORT" exhibition (03/10/2011) that will feature several works I have created during my artist residency at Maltatal/ Kölnbreinsperre.

I'm really looking very much forward to this as it seems like I have managed to bring a lot of media that have been accompanying me over the last years (analog & digital photography, photofilm, music, vinyl, ...) together in one work that will be shown together with others, I'm also looking forward to ...

The exhibition will travel Austria over the next months, Vienna (Vertical Gallery, VERBUND headquarter will be the last stop as far as I know for those that don't make it to Kärnten this time.) - watch out for a very limited (33 pieces) vinyl-postcard release - to be announced soon.

Sonntag, 11. September 2011


After nearly four years still one of the nicest longboard videos I have ever seen Prepare for some downhill madness and do yourself a favor and check the links. Very nice works by a bunch of creative people.

Starring: Noah Sakamoto, Patrick Rizzo, JM Duran
Director: Colin Blackshear
Co-Director: Ari Marcopoulos
Producer: Neville Wakefield
Designer: Adam Kimmel

Dienstag, 6. September 2011


A little update on one of my most favourite Producers and MCs called "Doctor Becket" teaming up with Illustrator, Caricaturist, and Producer "Grant P" for this very nice 7 inch that was just (7/2011) recently released. "The Other Way" mainly includes remixes and interludes and still each track somehow sounds new to me again. Different flows over different instrumentals creating different atmospheres. Doctor Becket already showed that to me once with "Everybody" and "Everybody (Remix)" - slightly modified lyrics over two beats that could actually not be more different, but each a classic of its own!

Don't know if you'll feel that way or "the other way" but for me there's nothing more to say, than one thing. You should be quick and safe your copy; as far as I know around 110 of them has been pressed ... not too much. Check THIS SITE (grant p) to order your copy directly from him and THAT SITE (doc bec bandcamp) to download digitally or listen through. Psssssst, seems like another one will be following soon - stay tuned and down for some more underground none should actually be missing. Check some of Grant P's really nice "relaxed" Hip Hop instrumentals on this youtube channel (LINK to just one of my favs), you will be stunned!

Samstag, 3. September 2011


This is a message to all you crate diggers and music lovers. For a long time I wanted to put the tracklisting to one of the most signifyin tapes in my personal history - "Signifyin Breaks" by Dj Signify - together and I made it a long way, but now I'm kind of "stuck" or so to say: Some names are on the tip of my tongue but I just cant put it onto paper.

The tape - rotaug's very own berserka bought at Fat Beats NY (* 1994, † 2010) way back in '97 - never had a tracklisting on the cover and for whatever reason I made myself this challenge to put it all together. In a way this tape was a new experience back then; going back to the samples, the breaks, to where Hip Hop (among other things) comes from. Signifyin' breaks "anyone" should know as I would say. Still a hard job to name them all my friends. But; here's what I have and the "three ???" are what we're trying to find. I put a recording of the (quite worn) tape (.zip) online, so you know what we're looking for. To have an authentic listening experience (that matches the quality of the tape that was played a 1000 times in Craak's Oldsmobile, haha) you might have to put it on a cassette again, haha.

I put my part of the tracklisting in the comments, ... dont hesitate adding a number or two or ... I'm sure I missed something inbetween.

Dj Signify - Signifyin Breaks (Mixtape 1996, discogs).

Freitag, 29. Juli 2011


dear friends and family! I'm proud to announce the release of an indeed veeeery nice blog about my work on the post includes photographs, texts and the link to my first ever entirely self produced track "lenscapes #1" that shall somehow be a statement in regards of my work. enjoy, post, blog, ... spread the word and go support!

Samstag, 7. Mai 2011


Andy Goldsworthy, who in regards of a lot of things - but most of all his spontaneity, intuition and calmness while working with natural materials and processes - is one of my most favourite artists, literally speaks out of my mind in "Rivers & Tides" by saying.

"One day i went out and worked on the beach. What struck me was a sense of energy [...] this almost breathlessness and uncertainty. [...] Total control can be the death of work."

Mittwoch, 27. April 2011


Instant photographs of the urban space, it's architecture, "function" and mystic. For this one I have chosen to edit and work with an already existing loop-based piece of music composed by rotaug's very own dj kompact while kryot is (as always) reflecting his surroundings. Help me SPREAD via your channels. 2009 by markus oberndorfer. Enjoy

appearing: kryot // photography, editing: markus oberndorfer
sound: dj kompact // original version: 1920x1440px,
© Markus Oberndorfer, Vienna 2009

Sonntag, 17. April 2011


over 21.000€ due to your help, THX for joining the event and supporting the cause!

We are very excited to announce: The HELP FOR JAPAN "Secret Postcard" Art sale presented by Francesca von Habsburg/T-B A21, Elsa König, Elsa Okazaki and Andrew Standen-Raz.

The HELP FOR JAPAN Charity Event for the Red Cross, held on April 17th, 2011 at the Pratersauna in Vienna, will be one of the largest line-up of leading musicians, artists, fashion designers & locally based businesses seen in Vienna for a long time.

The event is a natural outpouring of solidarity and assistance from Vienna's artistic community to the victims of the catastrophic events still unfolding in Japan.

Freitag, 8. April 2011


READ paper of Utecita at Ntropy (german only)

As I was born and - for the first 20 years of my life - living in that same little village in Upper Austria where Thomas Bernhard used to live until his death in 1989, I'm interested about any developements in the love-hate relationship people in my surroundings and the austrian cultural landscape had or better; still have with Thomas Bernhard. Also because of the fact that once in a while the topic of Bernhard would come up while talking to my parents, that know him from a "distant neighbours" point of view. Ute Stadlbauer wrote a very nice paper - that made me write this blog - on a phenomenon that took place in Austria several times; with Viennese artists like Günter Brus or Otto Mühl for example. They broke conventions and were recognized in Austria years after they gained international recognition and "fame". Something similar seems to happen with Thomas Bernhard nowadays.

What is it that is taking place here right now? To quote Utecita "An honest reconcilliation with maybe the greatest Austrian post-war litterateur or the bad Austrian habit of the total commercialisation of that cultural heritage?" Good question.

Funny thing is: even my mother started to read about Bernhard, that used to live just some kilometers away from our house, lately. The first book. My father still needs some more time to get familiar with the topic as - what would be the best way to describe it - Bernhard was not a man of the people and probably more some kind of a misanthrope. Still a great litterateur. I kind of like his socio-cultural irony.

Freitag, 18. März 2011

DDAY ONE - OMEGA POINT by Markus Oberndorfer aka Sirlensalot

After DDay asked me if I would want to create a video for his upcoming release "Heavy Migration" I thought about possible interpretations. After having chosen "Omega Point" I tried to work with it's atmosphere, Udeze's synonym "Dday One", ... and the title of the track "Omega Point" of course.

Some thoughts I had before realizing the project in 2008:
Udeze's synonym "Dday One", could - in relation to my work - also be seen in connection with the first day of the Allies landing operation in Nothern France during the 2nd World War. The track's name "Omega Point" which i found out - after "Pierre Teilhard de Chardin" - means "... the maximum level of complexity and conciousness to which the universe seems to be evolving ..."

That basically means for me: "the end of everything, the point to which everyhing goes, a point where all signs of human purpose or everyhting have disappeared."
That was the reason, why I tried to realized a film that connected my work about the Disappearance of the Atlantic Wall with the one of DDay, who also works very consciously and philosophically in regards of music and composition. With the repetitions I wanted to reflect his sample based music and of course show the constant movement of the waves smashing against the concrete fortification. The movement, that makes the change within hundreds and thousands of years one could say in timespans related to the age of the planet, not the average age of a human being.

"Smashed into pieces by the force of nature ..." like everything that is and was built by any creatures if they let it go.

The film has been shown at several festivals over the last years and will hopefully come along with my forthcoming book about my work "Disappearance" on blue-ray disc. For some High-Res pleasure. Check ddays projects and my website.

Dienstag, 15. März 2011


A quick one inbetween, as I'm really impressed of what I found in my mailbox today morning! This one is definitely competing with my most favourite tracks in that genre à la "Get Familiar" by "Bullion". We can only hope that this one get's the physical (vinyl) release it absolutely!! deserves. Enjoy

FlyByNight by Ambassadeurs

Mittwoch, 9. März 2011


Leaning on a very nice project by Richard Nicholson and a post published by the Guardian that featured the project under the headline of “the dying art of the photographic darkroom", I tried to leave you some personal thoughts, that has been haunting me for a while.

Even more since I read an interesting manuscript called “Rauchzeichen aus dem Labyrinth - Der onthologische Anspruch der Photographie” by Steffen Kammler last year (“Rostocker Phänomenologische Manuskripte”).

Bringing what i read in the manuscript together with what i saw in Richard Nicholsons project and what I experience of being a photographer that still partly processes in the darkroom, i was wondering …  “What esle is going to be gone if the photographic darkroom really dies out? Where (if there) is this thin border between photography in the broader and photography in the narrower sense? The border, that after Steffen Kammler and in conjunction with the darkroom would have to be drawn behind “the negative that has been the last instance that has direct contact with the light and therefore carries the trace of the referent”? Something that digital photography can not claim for itself as “the lightsensor that literally takes the place of the photosensitive layer, in comparison does not show any trace of contact after the contact with the light …” because “the location of the light-contact is seperated from the location where the information is stored.” (Steffen Kammler, Rauchzeichen …, page 28).

I’m not a philosopher and I know that in the end it might not really matter for the (average) spectator. But still I do - as an artist - confront myself with the media I’m working with. As I had to deal with some slight problems after Kodak lately decided to stop production of a certain paper I partly used over the last 9 years of printing - and loved, I had to think about that question of the media even more and had to involuntarily compare those two (very different) crafts from an at least process oriented point of view:

“The craft and process of taking a negative, filterting colors and getting a result by printing in the darkroom” VS “the craft of scanning a negative and trimming dozens of adjustment layers” to get a similar result.

It’s not that I decided to switch from analog processing to digital. It was a “just in case” for a “worst case” scenario where - in my case - Fuji decides to discontinue their Kodak “equivalent” out of the blue!!!! (A scenario artists, photographers,… unwillingly have to deal with due to technical changes, lobbying or companies stopping the production of certain fundamental ressources of their work; not just in photography.) However; I started comparing the procedures and steps that would bring me to that similar result and I started wondering about which craft carried more of that (non existant) claim to reality that (from a laymen’s and not philosophical or mediat-heoretical perspective) makes photography the photography “we somehow believe in”. And I came to the conclusion, that for me personally it is more “the process in the photographic darkroom” than the one infront of the screen and dozens of layers changing the appearance of a picture, that gives me that unique (authentic-like) feeling of being a photographer documenting the world around me. Although I know that I’m still a photographer (not better or worse) if I use my digital camera (that i like aswell - no digital hater here) to make a picture. But still; it’s just different and not the same. If it has something to do with Steffen Kammler’s statements, i don’t know. But I know there is space to give it some more thoughts. As always.

Enjoy the documentary (youtube) and Kodak, Fuji, … (if you’re out there) give it a thought and please just sometimes continue carrying extraordinary items like special papers, … within you product catalogue. As an acessory if you like. I know you do and I also know that you have to be competitive in a globalized world, but those are big decisions you make and it always effects someone.
I’m not expecting anyone to read what I just wrote. The flood of information is just one other thing that comes along with our digital times. If you do, thanks for taking the time; otherwise i can say: for me personally it was great to clear some thoughts that were running around in my head anyway.

I wonder if “Vinyl” survives the “Compact Disc” by the way. Enjoy!

Montag, 28. Februar 2011


The forthcoming Akromegalie Records release Perfect Picture by Lex de Kalhex is one of those releases none of you out there, that likes well elaborated jazz based Hip Hop instrumenals in a mid 90ties Godfather Don, Pete Rock tradition should miss. Very nice beats combined with very well selected and compared to Damu the Fudgemunk’s “Supply for Demand” rather unknown samples come in a limited run of 300 records. A good combination as Positive K would say. After having dozens of conversations with Lex on hip hop, art and music over the net for quite some time I had the pleasure to meet him in Paris last december. Sitting in some fastfood restaurant (it was the only place where we could stay longer without someone blaming us for not consuming more) I had the chance to listen to the whole album and some other upcoming projects … I loved each and every track I heard. And I don’t say this cause I consider Alex a friend and part of my extended and likeminded family. I mean it! And today in the morning my cellphone whispered something in my ear. Seems like they just arrived in someone’s postbox, “available very soon” …

Also make sure you check Kalhex (Lex, Parental and Le Makizar) debut LP “Kalhex” from 2009. A “sleeping” French Rap diamond from Paris. Great beats, great conscious lyrics … just great! ! Buy records! Support artists you like, so they can do what they seem to do best!

Samstag, 19. Februar 2011


Dear friends and family ... I'm going to start rolling up a little bit of my/our history. A history that somehow started before we even realized that it would become our's too... It was the mid 80ties, that should be the beginning of a long era in Gmunden's "Freestyle Sport" and "Creative Mindz" history ...

In the first photo (1987) you will find two of those guys responsible for lots of that ... our dear long time friends Gerald Loidl (first from the left) and former flatland world champion Richard Vobr (second from the left). Both part of the "BMX Team Gmunden". I sadly never met the others as far as I remember, but in the back you see another really good friend of ours, that would accompany us over the years in various shapes and forms: The Ghetto-Blaster! Blaaasting Hip-Hop into my ears from the first day I remember joining the Posse in 1994. There are lots of stories I could tell from here, but for now i just want to "HOLLAAA!" at those who cleared the way for generations to follow.

And that's what all you "Skaters and BMX-freestylers" out there that enjoyed this pre-heated nest in Gmunden back then and the ever growing skatepark and freestyle sport community should do too. Hold still for a moment, think back and ... "HOLLAAAA!!!"'

Without the effort of Gerald, Rick, Mario, Rudi, ... a lot would have turned out different i suppose and maybe the one or other would have worshipped anything else but a miniramp, skateboard or bicycle. I'm writing this post, because i think it's important, to bring into our mind again, that there was a time when new ramps and obstacles were not suddenly falling from the sky. A time when we used to build those wooden ramps on our own; having the will to create! (and of course we had a ghetto blaster in 1995, what did u think?!).
I can only speak for myself, but I think I don't do any wrong by saying that a part of this possee, the various groups existing within it and the freedom we all somehow experienced together changed and shaped my life. And I also believe that this time and this place where lots of us met, was also leading some of us to what they do now ...

... being free mindz, doing whatever they do, but doing their thing, making films, taking photos, doin graphics, producing, nerding on music ... and cars of course. KEEP CREATING my friends & DO YOUR THING!!!! Thx for one part in my personal "school of life" fam!!! And to some of our friends that got lost along their path, R.I.P ... I won't forget the time we all had together!

Originally posted on our rotaug collective website october 22nd 2010 ...