Montag, 30. April 2012


by "Mattic feat. Artists of the Beautiful". Brilliant track about possible reasons for leaving personal thoughts - disguised as colorful traces of time - painted on the walls of public space or wherever they might be. An insight and possible access point to what is/could be going on in the mind of someone, that has chosen this surrounding and artform as a way to express him-/herself ... very nicely and sensitively done in my opinion!

"please take a walk through the city at night ...". Exactly what I said in a short radio interview about "night" too several years ago. I for myself had to add: "It can just be as calming as walking through the woods."

"its everywhere!" ... "heaven on the wall ..."

Released on recently founded label Phonosaurus. Also available as official free download via the label's website. Behind the label; Berry Weight. If you were following my reviews on the rotaug blog, you might have read my recommendation about their debut-album "Music For Imaginary Movies" back in 2010. I'm still loving it and am indeed very curious about what is there to come. What I can already tell: I love mood and mixture of singing, rap, sample based music and live recorded instruments, ... and not only on this track. Full support from my side!