Samstag, 21. Juli 2012


© Jork Weismann, Asleep at the Chateau
Now please, someone tell me books have died in this digital world like vinyl did! Yeah, yeah right! Keep dreaming!

After Matthias Herrmann who recently released his book "270 West 17th Street #20c NY NY 10011" with Fotohof edition, it's now another friends turn with his book "Asleep at the Chateau" (Jork Weismann).

As I dont know more about Chateau Marmont than stories I heard on the telephone or over coffee with Jork, I'm going to stick with the description provided by

And by the way; my monography "Foukauld" about my work "La Disparition - Le mur de l'Atlantique autour du Cap Ferret" is in print and available Mid-Late-August (with Fotohof edition). There will also be a very, very limited box edition, but more about all that soon.

"Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles is a fantastical folly in the land of make-believe. As Harry Cohn, the founder of Columbia Pictures, said in 1939, “If you must get in trouble, do it at the Chateau Marmont.” Several generations of actors, directors, writers and artists have heeded Cohn’s advice, from Dorothy Parker and F. Scott Fitzgerald to Hunter S. Thompson and Jim Morrison. [...] 

[...] Asleep at the Chateau" pays homage to this fabled place by picturing its quieter moments. Here, photographer Jork Weismann portrays a range of celebrities asleep at the Chateau--among them Bret Easton Ellis, Kirsty Hume, Patti Smith, Orlando Bloom, Juergen Teller, Sally Singer and Justin Theroux. Sprawled out in chairs, on couches or across the floor, Weismann’s subjects reveal both themselves and the Chateau as they have never before been portrayed." (taken from artbook)

Order and find more information here (artbook)! Stay tuned and keep buying books and records. Its just great to flip pages, inspect covers and watch records turn.